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Our team includes complementary expertise in engineering and business with successful exits in the past companies.

Hamid Heidary - Chief Executive Officer

  • 20 Yrs experience in the telecommunications and data networking industries
  • Former CTO for Insight Communications, acquired in March 2012 for $3 Billion
  • Former COO of write my essay service

Ugur Demiryurek, PhD – Chief Technology Officer

  • ClearPath patent inventor
  • 10 Yrs. of R&D in route planning and transportation
  • Associate Director at IMSC, USC
  • Lead Software Engineer in Oracle (4 years)

Prof. Cyrus Shahabi – Chief Scientist

  • Tenured Full Professor of Computer Science and Electric Eng. at USC
  • US Presidential Early Career award
  • Co-Founder, Geosemble Technologies, 2004, acquired in 2012

Phil Spivey - Board Member

  • Former President and CEO of Ocular
  • Former CEO of XI Electronics
  • Former Vice President Motorola -General Manger of multiple business units

In The News

New Navigation Technology Predicts Traffic Conditions
March 6, 2013

ClearPath Clears Your Path
September 28, 2012
ClearPath created by Professor Cyrus Shahabi and Ugur Demiryurek aims at providing the quickest and most accurate route for drivers who are tired of being stuck in traffic.

ClearPath for Android could be the ideal traffic app for Angelenos
February 4, 2013

ClearPath and Innovation
University of Southern California's Stevens Center for Innovation, a university-wide resource that helped ClearPath make maximum impact beyond traditional academic means and awarded seed funding. See the video below.


Our team has been working on ClearPath for many years and has the required enough experience. We are ready to take the company to the next stage to develop and release to market a consumer oriented product.
You can find our one page company summary and funding options here.